Our Vision at Emerhealthcare is to provide a simple platform for medical professionals to manage and monitor their patients and their records with the ability to access across multiple devices.

Emerhealthcare is a simple easy to use cloud based patient management system for individual doctors/ small clinics and hospitals.

The system facilitates patient enrolment, managing patient visits and patient records management as an electronic filing system for reference.

labs can upload their test results directly and the system can be accessed both by doctots and their patients.

Emerhealthcare also provides for the patient to reach out to the doctor in the event of any query they may have at any time.

Emerhealthcare Features

Cloud based system

No installation

Access anywhere.

Simple to use.

Cost effective.


Constant upgrades.

Print out prescriptions and lab test requests.

Integrated for payments.


At Emerhealthcare.com we take customer privacy very seriously and ensure that all information stored is secure.

Information displayed when the QR code is scanned is only in a view format and cannot be modified / changed in any way.

For more information please visit our site www.emerhealthcare.com / email us at info@emerhealthcare.com or call us at +91-44-48517078/24562413.


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