Emergency Health Cards

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been unable to access your emergency health information or health records ?

Emer Health Cards from www.emerhealth.net– Our solution for you…..

Emerhealth cards display information on the face of the card and have an embedded QR code which when scanned displays

information which could be vital in a medical emergency to a first responder.

It displays information like Blood Group, allergies, any pre-existing condition,any current medication apart from

the member's emergency contact information.

The display also has a link " Access Records" which allows for secure access to stored personal health records of the member.

The Emerhealth Card in effect allows the member to carry their personal health records with them at all times.


Secure digital storage

Records maintained historically & securely

Upload of records can be done over a desktop / laptop and the software is very simple to use.

Allows a member to assign a lab to upload reports directly.

Allows a member to assign their Doctor to view their records remotely.

Prescriptions, lab reports, ECG’s, X-rays, Scans et al can be maintained and viewed.

Doctors comments can be viewed any time.

Medical history with the member even if they change locations.

Very useful when travelling.


At Emerhealth.net we take customer privacy very seriously and ensure that all information stored is secure.

Information displayed when the QR code is scanned is only in a view format and cannot be modified / changed in any way.

For more information please visit our site www.emerhealth.net / email us at info@emerhealth.net or call us at +91-44-48517078/24562413.


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